Jobs in Kharkov, regional job search portal

Jobs in Kharkov is the number one web and mobile app for job search and recruitment in Kharkov – the second largest city in Ukraine over 1,5 million in population.

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Jobs in Kharkov is the number one web and mobile app for job search and recruitment in Kharkov — the second largest city in Ukraine over 1,5 million in population. With more than 220 000 registered users, Jobs in Kharkov is the most popular regional job search website in Ukraine.

Besides job search and recruitment features, the website contains tons of useful information such as professional training courses section, universities and professional schools directory, regional labor market news and analytics, etc.

Since 2000, when the site was initially launched, we have been actively developing, expanding and improving its functionality. This is the third time the project has been redeveloped from the ground up.

Jobs in Kharkov. Main page

Jobs in Kharkov. Main page

Project scope

  • Create a responsive mobile-friendly interface

  • Create a new admin interface

  • Redevelop the back-end from the ground up using up-to-date technologies

Responsive design

More than 70 responsive templates created.

Jobs in Kharkov. Responsive design

Core job search and recruitment functionality

  • Several user roles: candidates and employers. Employers can be direct employers and recruiting agencies: either of them can have users with admin or recruiter permissions. Different types of users have different permissions and features available. Companies can also have paid accounts with additional functionality.

  • User dashboards. Candidates and employers can manage all their information posted on the site from this section. Recent messages, the lists of favorite resumes or vacancies as well as subscription are also operable from here.

  • Vacancies and resumes—the most important module on a job search website. Registered users can add, delete, edit, temporary hide and update their vacancies and resumes.

  • We created a user-friendly, intuitive and interactive resume builder. The builder is split into sections enabling the candidate to fill in the data step by step. Preview mode is available at any step — it allows examining the final look of the resume as employers will see it.

  • Job and candidate search. The autocomplete feature is available while searching. When a user starts typing a search request, the system offers the list of most popular similar requests.

  • Employers directory. Employers can create company pages with text, photos, videos, company news, and current job openings.

  • Verified Employers. The website features an optional employer validation process. Verified companies have higher credibility among candidates, and their jobs are marked with a special sign.

  • Favorite vacancies and resumes. Users can add resumes or job ads in a list of favorites.

  • New jobs and candidates subscription. Users can subscribe to new jobs and resumes right from the search results page just by saving the search criteria. It’s also possible to track the new resumes and jobs using the saved search on the site, receiving notifications by e-mail or via RSS subscription.

  • Premium services for employers. Employers can access advanced features by purchasing premium services.

  • Internal messaging system. Applicants can apply for an open position by sending a resume. Employers in turn can offer vacancies to applicants. Both sides can continue communication through internal messaging system. The system also includes messages from the site administrator and inquiries for trainings. All the history is stored, and each conversation is easily accessible and can be resumed at any time.

Jobs in Kharkov. Job search page

Jobs in Kharkov. Job search page

Jobs in Kharkov. Job details page

Jobs in Kharkov. Job details page

Additional features

  • Trainings courses section. Registered companies can post, edit, update and delete all the information about their trainings or courses. We revised the system to group all events by categories too. An interested person can send the request to participate in an event from the site.

  • Universities directory. University pages, links to students’ and alumni resumes.

  • News. Four news streams are available. Users of some types can to post their news.

  • Internal banner system. Depending on a target audience some can post banners on the main page, in different sections of all website pages and even in some categories of job ads/resume database for better targeting.

  • Files repository. Recruiters can manage files through a special interface. Links to the files may are easy to add to website pages and attached to subscription letters.

  • Polls. Website administrators can also create polls.

  • RSS is widely used to export periodically updated information (news, vacancies, resumes). There are additional features for export: Yandex widget, iGoogle and Google Desktop gadgets, informers.

  • Social media integration. Candidates can register with email or using their social network accounts. All the pages can be easily shared on social networks. Company jobs Facebook tab.

The website is being constantly updated, as we continue to add new useful features all the time. The new version of the website is a solid basis for implementing further plans for the service’s development.

Admin interface

Besides comprehensive content management and user activity moderation features, the admin interface allows to:

  • Issue invoices and control payments

  • Manage banner advertising and paid service packages

  • Send email newsletters and manage subscriber lists

  • Manage black lists which automate pre-moderation

  • Grant individual permissions to team members

Jobs in Kharkov. Admin interface

Jobs in Kharkov. Admin interface

Mobile app

We also developed a mobile application for candidates and employers available on iOS and Android devices.

Jobs in Kharkov. Mobile app

Jobs in Kharkov. Mobile app


  • Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, JavaScript: jQuery and jQuery Mobile, Webpack

  • Server-side: NGINX, PHP and MySQL, MongoDB, Memcache, Codeception, PhantomJS

  • Data exchange between the server-side and the app: JSON API

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