About us

We founded Screen Interactive in 2000 with our headquarters in Kharkov, which is the major Ukrainian scientific and educational center. Since then we have been actively working on web and mobile projects for clients from Ukraine, Australia, USA and other countries.

Our specialty is comprehensive development of commercial websites and mobile applications. We design, develop and support:

  • Websites and apps for startups

  • E-commerce projects

  • Corporate websites

  • Portals

  • Android and iOS mobile applications

Screen Interactive team — 2016 (almost everybody :))

Usually, the projects we work with range in size from medium to large, and they aim at long-term goals, require considerable functionality, and presuppose long-term cooperation between the customer and the developers.

We also have our own projects which we constantly work on:

Working on our own projects allows us to understand the specificity of web development very well, and we understand the inner processes of our customers (filling site with content; its promotion; development and updating; maintenance; moderation; etc). We ourselves use the solutions we offer to our clients.

We adhere to the highest quality standards, and we deliver work guaranteed by our signature and good name.

Advantages of working with us:

  • stable, high quality of the sites in all aspects (project design, graphic and layout design, software development, usability, content management systems)

  • professional design and project management, one of the most important advantages for the large-scale sites development

  • our focus on the customers’ marketing challenges

  • our own strong software solutions

  • successful experience of creating and developing our own Internet projects

  • extensive, high-quality experience implementing large size projects

If you need a development team for your projects, let’s get acquainted!