Mobile applications development

Smartphones and tablets are actively gaining popularity among internet users. Mobile apps in turn are becoming one of the most effective tools to attract new clients and meet the increasing demands of the existing ones. Today, if you wish to grow your business, increase your profit, and expand your audience, then attracting smartphone users should be one of your main priorities.

How we can help you

  • We design and develop cross-platform mobile applications for new projects as well as for existing ones. Our applications work well on iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • We develop the back-end (APIs) for mobile apps to successfully integrate them with existing projects.

  • We make websites mobile-friendly by creating new, responsive front-end and mobile versions.

How do we work

We divide the mobile development process into several stages, each playing an important role in the project life cycle:

Project design. You can’t just say “I want a mobile app”; you need to understand for what purpose you are creating it, and what tasks the application should perform.

Our team can help you determine the project requirements, work out common user stories, and describe the task so, that other professionals can work with it easily. As a result, you get detailed technical specifications.

Based on the information gathered, we create the prototype for your app and carry out the work plan.

The prototype helps to better imagine the system, reveal its weaknesses during early stages of development, get a better understanding of the project, and understand how convenient the app will be for users.

User interface design. Based on the prototype and the description, we design an interface that will

  • help users successfully realize various use cases;

  • be consistent with the guidelines;

  • be based on the main principles of mobile interface development.

Front-end development. Having all the necessary information and the design, the developers start working on the main functionality of the app. They convert static design mockups into a dynamic user interface responsible for initial interactions between the client and the server.

Back-end development. To integrate the newly created mobile app with the existing project, we develop the application program interface (API). The mobile app utilizes the API to exchange information with the database of your website. Our developers also design and develop the server architecture: data upload algorithms, methods of authorization, caching, and many more to assure the correct functioning of the app and all its features.

During the programming stage, developers can build several intermediate versions of the app for testing on mobile devices. In this way, they can elicit a prompt feedback from trusted users and adjust the development accordingly.

Testing and debugging. Before releasing the app to the audience, our developers thoroughly check how it looks on various devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. We make sure that all features of the app work properly and without bugs, and check if all main requirements were considered. We always test our mobile apps on Android and iOS devices, before uploading them into the stores.

Official release. After the app is designed, developed, and debugged, we help our customers to upload it to popular online stores, including AppStore and Google Play.

Support and updates. We continue to support our customers after the application’s release. If you decide to add new features and improve the app, or your end users have any troubles with utilizing the app, contact us immediately. We are always ready to give you a hand with maintenance and further updates!

Each stage of the development engages highly experienced professionals to work on the app:

  • Project Manager and Business Analyst;

  • UI/UX Designer;

  • Front-end Developer;

  • Back-end Developer.

Past Projects

Do you have a groundbreaking idea for a mobile app? Are you looking for a reliable developer for your project? We are here to help you transform your ideas into a live product!

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