ScreenMarket — development of Internet portals and marketplaces

ScreenMarket is an edition of ScreenJet CMS which is dedicated to creation of sector and thematic portals, marketplace and other projects in which users create the main website content on their own (User Generated Content).

Main modules

  • User registration
    Registered users can publish content on the site and get access to additional information and special features. There's a possibility to organize several types of registration, depending on user type or role.

  • Personal workroom
    Site section where user can manage the information he publishes on the site, such as information about the company, goods or services, news and other texts, images, files, etc.

  • Paid services for users

    • various sets of paid services (levels of access) for users of the site

    • different users and groups of users can have different possibilities in publishing the information and access to the site features (for example, depending on the set of paid services ordered)

  • Business directory

    • catalog of the companies that are registered users of the site

    • companies are viewable by category, geography (location), alphabet

    • company pages. In some implementations only the paid companies can have their pages on site, or paid companies can be represented in the directory in a more detailed and highlighted manner.

  • Products and services marketplace
    Users can add their products and services into a complex directory of products with different attributes for different product categories. Unlike an Internet shop several companies can represent every product.

  • Bulletin Boards
    Publishing of ads on an unlimited number of topics.

  • Auctions and Tenders
    Auctions—Users can create auctions to sell products, services or property for the most profitable price. Management of the auction rules (terms of bidding, price step, Buy It Now price).
    Tenders. Users can announce tenders to purchase products or services.

  • Photo Contests

    • possibility to conduct an unlimited number of photo contests on the site

    • users can publish photos, rate and comment photos of other users

    • system of rating calculation to determine winners

    • photo contests archive

  • Company news

    • company news on site for free or as a part of a service package

    • ability to limit the number and frequency of the publications

    • subscription to the company's newsletter

  • Internal Messaging System
    Users can communicate with each other through internal messaging system.

  • Favorites
    Personal section in which every user can save objects from the site he was interested in, such as products, services, companies, announcements, etc.

The system contains powerful facilities for moderation and user activity control such as pre- or post-moderation, blocking unwanted users, spam control, the ability to complain about the unscrupulous user activity oo the site.

ScreenMarket allows creation of Internet portals and marketplaces for the users themselves who provide most of the information.
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