Our flag on the Carpathian peaks

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In February we visited the Carpathian mountains and ascended the highest peaks of the country with our flag.

Hoverla (2061 m) is the highest point of Ukraine. It is the only mountain that has the routes classified as 1b in the winter period, according to the Russian mountaineering grading system.

Our flag on Hoverla

Petros (2020 m) is the second highest mountain in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Our flag on Petros

Our flag on Petros

The Carpathian mountains are marvellous in winter!

Hoverla in winter

Hoverla in winter

The winter Carpathians

The winter Carpathians

Our new project: mobile application DooApp

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We are happy to introduce our first mobile application — DooApp.

DooApp — is a tool for parents to reward children for personal achievements, good behavior and completed chores. Children earn points, which they can redeem for fun activities such as an hour of video games or bowling. DooApp helps parents motivate their children and provide them with incentives to be more active, organized and responsible.

We have created this app from scratch based on existing Web interface. We designed mobile application interface, developed the server-side of the app with required functionality, and created API to set up an interaction between the server-side and the mobile app. In the end, we built application files ready for publishing in App Store and Google Play.

DooApp mobile application

DooApp has two user roles: a parent and a child. And the functionality of the application differs for parents and children.

A parent can create kids’ accounts, lists of awards and rewards. A parent also indicates whether a child may use the app on his own or not and creates a login and a password for him.
After the authorization a child can request points for the completion of tasks. Children also can use accumulated points to claim a reward from a list the parents create. The parent can also award points and give rewards without the child’s participation.

Along with main functionality the app has several additional features, such as: automatic location detection, push notifications, registration for two types of users and so on. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

In our portfolio you can find more information about DooApp and its functionality.

Cheers to the New Year 2015!

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Happy New Year 2015! Online greeting card

Dear friends! Wishing you a Happy Holiday season and great success in the year to come!

Here’s our online Christmas and New Year card :)

Mobile version for the Jobs in Kharkov website

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Great news! We have launched the significantly upgraded mobile version of our job-seeking website Jobs in Kharkov, the most popular regional website for job search and recruitment in Ukraine.

We designed a new user interface and created a front-end using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. The new version will work properly on touch-screen devices. It easily adapts to different sizes of smartphone screens and fits the screen when the user turns the phone sideways.

When users access the Jobs in Kharkov website from their phones, the site automatically redirects them to the mobile version of the website. This means users won’t lose any useful information browsing the site from their smartphones. The redirect works only if the site page they’re visiting has a mobile version.

Mobile version of the Jobs in Kharkov website

At the moment, the mobile version of the Jobs in Kharkov website has limited functionality: Users can browse through job ads, add interesting vacancies to «Favorites» apply for jobs and use extended search functionality. However, users still need to use their desktop computers to register as a new user on the site, create a CV or post a new job ad. We plan to make these features available from mobile phones in the near future. Follow our news.

Check out the new mobile version of Jobs in Kharkov website here:!

Create a CV using your LinkedIn user profile

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A new option is available on our job search website Jobs in Khrakov. Users now can create their CVs using their LinkedIn profiles.

The user just needs to hit the button marked «Fill in from LinkedIn,» enter his/her social network username and password, and all the information available from the profile automatically fills into the CV creation form. Then select a job category, where to post the CV, edit the text if necessary and publish the new CV.

Create a CV using the LinkedIn profile

The website receives all user data through the LinkedIn API.

Jobs in Kharkov is the first job-seeking website in Ukraine that allows users to create CVs using their LinkedIn profiles.