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Cultur is a SaaS web application for companies to connect their people, promote a more active, healthy and fun way for them to interact with one another.

Cultur is a SaaS web application for companies to connect their people, promote a more active, healthy and fun way for them to interact with one another. Cultur allows your team members the freedom to create better workplace relationships and connect socially on things that matter to them.

Screen Interactive designed and developed a fully-fledged technical solution for Cultur.
*Graphic files of the user interface provided by Cultur.

Catalogue of activities

Cultur generates a catalogue of events and activities, which are displayed depending on the team members’ location and interests. The users can join activities to connect with each other while doing what they love.

Find Activity page

Post, share and save activities

Cultur allows users to post and share activities that interest them. A game of tennis, dodgeball, a cup of coffee or whatever comes to mind. They can share what they like and invite workmates to participate, post photos, and share their experiences.

Users can save activities to their Google or Outlook calendars and invite co-workers through email invites.

Activity page

Connect with other users in your company

Cultur enables employees to set the agenda for internal networking, leading to better social connections and engagement. The team members can browse co-workers’ profiles and view their hobbies, interest and likes.

Jobs in Kharkov. Responsive design
Jobs in Kharkov. Responsive design

Functionality highlights

  • User roles

    • Company users
      Register company, manage company details and settings, invite and manage company users (including bulk upload and invite), manage payment settings and history

    • Company admins
      Invited and managed by company admins; can join and post activities

    • Super admin
      Admin interface allows the Cultur team to manage all the activities, companies and users in the portal

  • Billing

    • Trial periods

    • Monthly billing depending on the number of active users

    • Credit card payments

    • Recurring payments

    • Payment history

  • Integrations

    • Integration with Stripe for credit card payments

    • Integration with Google Maps API for address lookup

    • Integration with Google Calendar API and Outlook Calendar API

  • Email notifications


  • Back end: PHP, MySQL, REST API enabling a future mobile app

  • Front end: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Responsive web pages

  • AWS as a hosting platform

Client’s testimonial

  • Our experience with Screen Interactive was awesome. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Our product manager Dmitriy was invested in the journey from the start and we really felt like he was part of our team. He helped us work through our requirement to land the project we needed, without wasted time or cost. We've worked with remote teams before and struggled to share our vision and message. Communicating feedback was difficult. Having a Melbourne based product manager bridged that gap and ensured we landed a SaaS application that we're proud of. Thanks guys! Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

    Brian and James, Cultur founders


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