Kayaking down the Vorskla river

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Sunny days of summer, enormous heat, daily work, and the only freshness to feel is an air conditioner in the office…

The bright idea struck our minds: there is nothing better for successful team building than the joint recreation. So, we grabbed our sleeping bags and good mood and went kayaking down the Vorskla river.

Our 45 km rout began in Buymerivka (Sumy district) and ended in Kotelva (Poltava district). Those were marvelous three days of fun and rest. Watch the video and share our emotions!

Slowly drifting downstream, we enjoyed the spectacular views of river landscapes. Along the way, we arranged water games and competed in rowing.

Screen Interactive kayaking on the Vorskla river

In the evening, we rested together near the fire and played the charades. It’s kind of tricky to guess what the player is showing in almost complete darkness :)

Screen Interactive kayaking, round the fire

And we just couldn’t miss cheerful photo sessions on the river bank and creating picturesque paddle installations.

Screen Interactive kayaking on the Vorskla

Screen Interactive kayaking, girls and paddles

Without a doubt, Screen Interactive is the united and mega cool team :)
Screen Interactive team kayaking

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