ScreenCV — our resume parser API beta launched

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As you might know, Screen Interactive has been in recruitment software development for years. Among tons of code and implemented features there is a jewel we had been always saving for internal use only — a resume parsing technology.

Now we decided to show it to the world in the form of API. Please meet ScreenCV


ScreenCV extracts valuable information out of resume files and converts the source files into HTML.


  • File types
    We work with all the most popular file types: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT. PDF,TXT,HTML

  • Fields
    From the source file, we extract Name, Birth date, Age, Gender, Location, Salary expectation, Email, Phone, Skype, LinkedIn, Web page

  • Output
    All the extracted information is served in JSON

  • HTML conversion
    Source resume file is converted into HTML

  • Photos
    If the resume contains applicants photo, we extract it

  • Skills parsing
    ScreenCV matches skills specified in your request with the resume content

ScreenCV API documentation

Currently, ScreenCV API is a private beta. Please request access if you want to give it a try.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think!