Web development

What tasks we carry out

We create corporate websites, online stores, portals and non-standard Web projects with unique functionality. These sites are usually quite complex, high-quality solutions with lots of specific features.

We provide comprehensive work on the projects, and we're responsible for their quality in all aspects, starting from preparing design patterns to filling the sites with content. That's why specialists in several areas work on each project. Among them are a project manager, a Web designer, a UI/UX specialist, front- and back-end developers, and an Internet marketer.

What we do

Our services cover all phases of creating and assuring functioning of a contemporary Web project:

  • Project design. This phase includes detailed processing of technical specifications, interface design and prototyping, which is especially important for medium and large projects. We help to set up the project requirements and to define priorities. Consequently, we create project specifications so that other specialists can succeed.

    A prototype can help to detect errors early at the sketch phase. At the same time, all the specialists have a good idea of what the project involves. Our prototype is not just a set of mockups. It's an almost functioning site that contains a set of interconnected pages with navigation, except without design. The prototype is protected with a password and available for our customers to view on the Internet during the whole project developmet process.

  • Graphic and layout design. We create custom graphic design for every site and never use ready-made templates. In our arsenal we have such services as professional photography, illustration, creation of icons and pictograms, Flash and 3D. We pay considerable attention to user interface design, which is especially important in technically complex and large projects.

  • Page layout and creation of an interactive interface. We use modern methods of front-end development that allow us to speed up downloading and rendering pages. We test the layout markup for compatibility with all modern browsers on various platforms and devices.

  • Programming. Because of our many years of experience in Web development, the customer can receive our standalone, finished solutions for many tasks and specific functions required for every project. Since we work on mainstream projects, we know how to use the server hardware resources and to create brand-new sites able to withstand high loads. Modern approaches and development tools help to accelerate the process and to simplify the team work of programmers and further maintenance of the project.

  • QA testing and debugging.

  • Placing on the internet.

  • Creating the site content.

  • Site management training for a customer’s staff.

Consulting and project management

We ease our customers' concerns about their not knowing how to list the specifications of a Web project's development. They don't have to always understand the technical capabilities, the issues of usability and online marketing techniques because we do. However, we constantly communicate with our customers and let them know about all the possibilities. Before we even begin, we do our best to understand their businesses, and we usually ask a lot of questions. As a result, we offer suitable solutions and fresh ideas that help to develop a successful strategy and certainly to avoid mistakes.

Project management is an important part of our work. Collecting all the requirements, setting priorities and outlining specifications is only the beginning. Then, we prepare a work plan, adhere to this plan and correct it, if needed. In the development process we coordinate the input from both the developer's and the customer's different specialists. We gather this new info and respond to the new circumstances after each conference. And finally, our clients get the expected and predictable high-quality result on time and within the budget.

Further support and promotion

After deployment of а project we continue with technical support, and we consult the customer for its servicing, development and promotion updates. We provide continuous availability of Web systems as well as further modernization in accordance with the business needs.


If you need a team of Web developers who can meet challenges and to implement high-level modern Internet projects, which you can use and expand in future, let’s get acquainted!