ScreenShop — Internet store development platform

  • Internet shop product catalog
    The universal product catalog allows the user to work with a diverse range of products.

    • various groups of products have their own sets of attributes

    • quick product search and advanced search by all the attributes

    • product comparison

    • several price categories

    • specific categories of products, such as Promotion, New Arrivals, etc.

    • accessories and components of the products

    • popular products (A special algorithm generates the list.)

    • list of items recently viewed by a visitor

    Products in a shop can have detailed descriptions. The descriptions can include not just text, photos and technical characteristics, but instructions and software downloads, list of accessories that are compatible with this particular model or item and links to useful sites or pages with more information about this product.

  • Users' comments and ratings.

    • Visitors can add their comments and rating for each product in the shop.

  • Cart and Checkout

    • buyers add products to the cart, edit cart's content, if necessary

    • checkout in accordance to the terms of shipping, payment method and location of the client.

  • Billing and payment

    • ability to create payment invoices or receipts automaticly

    • payments by credit cards and Internet money

    • SMS payments

  • Orders

    • database of orders

    • notification of receiving new orders

    • orders management, status changing

    • ability to track order status from client's side

The ScreenShop system has a modular structure that allows the addition of new functions for byers and administrators, if necessary. We modify and improve standard modules constantly.

ScreenShop allows creation of Iinternet shops of any subject or specialization.
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