ScreenCV — our resume parser API beta launched

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As you might know, Screen Interactive has been in recruitment software development for years. Among tons of code and implemented features there is a jewel we had been always saving for internal use only — a resume parsing technology.

Now we decided to show it to the world in the form of API. Please meet ScreenCV


ScreenCV extracts valuable information out of resume files and converts the source files into HTML.


  • File types
    We work with all the most popular file types: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT. PDF,TXT,HTML

  • Fields
    From the source file, we extract Name, Birth date, Age, Gender, Location, Salary expectation, Email, Phone, Skype, LinkedIn, Web page

  • Output
    All the extracted information is served in JSON

  • HTML conversion
    Source resume file is converted into HTML

  • Photos
    If the resume contains applicants photo, we extract it

  • Skills parsing
    ScreenCV matches skills specified in your request with the resume content

ScreenCV API documentation

Currently, ScreenCV API is a private beta. Please request access if you want to give it a try.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

The updated mobile app for the Jobs in Kharkov website

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Great news! We just released a significant update for our mobile app Jobs in Kharkov, a personal pocket assistant for job searches and recruitment. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices.

In the new version, we added several useful improvements:

1. More features for employers: add and delete vacancies

Recruiters can publish and update their vacancies through the mobile app now. In the “My Jobs” section in the app, we added options to view, edit, add, and delete vacancies.

Jobs in Kharkov app: add vacancies

2. More helpful information in push notifications

We improved push notifications that users receive on their smartphones and made them more informative than before. Users now get notifications:

  • when they receive a new CV or a job invitation through the website or the app

  • when new vacancies or CVs they subscribed to appear on the website

Jobs in Kharkov app: push-notifications

3. The interface for tablets

The Jobs in Kharkov app now has an interface for tablets, which makes it available to a wider audience.

Jobs in Kharkov mobile app: tablet layout

4. Registration for users

Initially, we developed our mobile app as an add-on for the Jobs in Kharkov website. The app started to gain popularity, and users demanded more. Today, it’s a standalone product with mostly the same functionality as the website. Therefore, we decided to add a registration for users. Now, employers and applicants can register a new user profile right through the Jobs in Kharkov app.

Jobs in Kharkov mobile app: users registration

We also implemented many other general updates that significantly improve the app’s productivity and make it more secure and handy. We are very grateful to our users and their feedback that helped us make the Jobs in Kharkov app better.

Find more information about the project:

You can download and test the app here:


Screen Interactive develops custom cross-platform mobile applications and the back end for them.

Do you plan to build a new mobile app for your web project? Drop us a line or reach us by phone (057) 758-66-36. Let’s get acquainted and discuss your ideas!

Having fun at bouldering club

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Screen Interactive team spends a splendid time in bouldering club before the New Year.

Here we are! :)
Screen Interactive team. New Year 2016

We like to keep fit and have great fun. Enjoy our video:

Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year 2016!

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Happy New Year 2016

Best wishes from your friends at Screen Interactive! We send you our warmest greetings for the Holidays.

Let the upcoming year be full of bright ideas, prosperity, and fruitful cooperation. May it inspire you for new groundbreaking projects, and we will help you bring them all alive. Cheers to the New Year!

This year, we have the most ascetic greeting card ever :)

Our flag on the top of Germany

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On August, 24th, our flag was raised on Germany’s highest point: Zugspitze mountain (2962 m).

Though it is possible to get up the mountain by train and then to the very top by cable car, it is much more exciting and honourable to climb it by feet gaining 2300 meters through the rocks and the glacier.

Our flag on the top of Germany




The Alps are wonderful!